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Dr Tadlea

Dr TadleaThe skin, a protective organ which deserves attention. Dr. Tadlea is a mainly aloe vera-based cosmetic skin care line for all skin types and skin tones. Dr. Tadlea has besides the Aloe Vera also  korn germ, vitamins and vegetable oils as the main ingredients. Dr. Tadlea is ideal for all skin types!

Are Dr.Tadlea products  animal friendly?

Dr. Tadlea products are free of mineral oils, lanolin, animal extracts and are not tested on animals. Our products all contain high-tech ingredients from natural sources, which give all the necessary building blocks to the skin to replenish shortages, repair damage and optimize all natural functions. There are products specifically for the (over) sensitive skin, for dry skin, for oily skin and for mature skin.

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Pedicure and Beauty salon Josje

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