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Samenwerkende Pedicures

Foot care of  Samenwerkende Pedicures:

A patented foot care product that is only available through the pedicure.
Each one of the products can offer care for common problems, including fungal nails.

Available in the salon:

All packages  € 9,95

Voetbalsem soft (foot balm soft):
Good for dry feet, this fast absorbing foot balm gives a velvety skin, while it also prevents the formation of fissures.
2x daily application

Voetbalsem groen (foot balm green):
For the daily care of your feet, this footbalsem also helps against foot fungi ( at the skin of the foot).

Voetbalsem rood (foot balm red):
Do you often have cold feet?
This balm provides a good circulation and thus a pleasant warm feeling.

Mycose nagel tinctuur (nail fungi tinctuur):
This gel contains: glycerin, jojoba oil and tea tree, but absolutely no water.
To be used to combat fungi (mycosis) in the nails.
Apply once a day on the nail(s) and gently massage, it can’t hurt if the skin is also included.
The gel will be absorbed after a few minutes.

Voetschimmel tinctuur (fungi tincture fort the skin of feet) :
Takes care of the skin of feet and between the toes.
If feet remain very humid, for example after swimming, they are very susceptible to fungi, to pevent/ cure this,please apply this daily on the skin and between the toes.

Schoen en sok spray (shoe and sock spray):
Do you suffer from fungal nails (mycosis), then it is best to not only treat the nails, but also the shoes and socks. This spray willreach the smallest corners and provides fresh and hygienic shoes and socks.
Use in combination with Mycosis nail tincture.

Klovenzalf ( fissures ointment):
Especially for the treatment of fissures to the feet (heels) or hands.
The composition contains: lanolin, petrolatum and zinc oxide. This will ensures that the ointment  will be absorped well in the skin and keep it flexible so fissures have less chance.

Eelt en likdoorn crème ( Corn and callus crème):
Are your feet  sensitive to calluses and corns, then this cream is a must.
Several times a week (depending on the amount of callus e/o corns) apply generously and gently exfoliate.
Your feet stay super soft.

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